Signature craftsmanship

Emanuele Fargione’s work is strictly hand-crafted. The level of personalisation provided, his attention to detail and sophistication necessarily require longer production times than the industrial ones. In his workshop, he designs models with a traditional approach, following the way artefacts were built typically by artisan upholsterers. A lover of classic style, he offers his customers a starting point for debate, leading to the creation of a product that is unique and completely personalised.


In his workshop, the production focuses on custom-built sofas, armchairs, chairs and beds, tailor-made and also on design, with a wide choice of personalised fabrics.
The production, which is strictly hand-crafted, includes tailored curtains and technical curtains, but also valances and wall fabrics.
It is the workshop of a professional, Emanuele, who is also an expert in the refurbishment of upholstered furniture, both antique and modern.

Concept Design

It begins with research on the theme of design, in order to lend elegance and beauty to the environment.
Within a concept, the designer can display the design process he followed to arrive at the end of his work.
The first concepts to be defined are comfort, durability and the context, then move on to more detailed concepts such as for stylistic research, choice of materials and solutions.
All this is contained in the concept design, which is then shown to the customers. A creative process made up of art and design concepts that develop up until the commencement of production of the final model.

The workshop equipment

The workshop is equipped with the most sophisticated and advanced machinery for the textile sector. Durkopp Adler triple feed sewing machines, using software that can program the thread tension, adjust the stitch length, set the stroke and the presser foot pressure for maximum precision in the seams. The band saw is a great ally and an indispensable tool to perform various types of processing on wood but also on metals. Fargione owns a professional and powerful model made of high-quality materials. This machinery is useful in the workshops, but none of it equals Emanuele’s professionalism and manual skill.